3 Newbie Tools for Successful Affiliate Marketing

3 Newbie Tools for Successful Affiliate Marketing
works for you on your own. Let’s move on then, to those three basic things.


As with anything else, you’ll need the proper tools to workwith. Just as a carpenter is unable to build a house without a hammer andnails, you will be unable to build your business without a few basic tools.

Many people have said that you can start a successfulaffiliate marketing business with no money. You can definitely start one withvery little money, but there is a cost involved. You’ll learn more as you workyour way through this article. I’ll mention each of the tools first, and thenwe’ll go over them in more detail.

So, what tools will you need?

The first thing you are going to need of course, is acomputer. Most people these days, already have a computer in the home. Even ifyou don’t, you can probably still work at the computer lab at the library, butthe internet connection on those computers is worse than dial-up internet ofthe old days. You’re better off to have your own computer with at least DSL internetat home. The computer or laptop does not have to be anything fancy.

With that computer, you will need to build a website. Thewebsite will need hosting. There are a number of hosts who will offer freehosting, but we’ll discuss that later on. Once you have the website set up, you’llneed an autoresponder for when people sign up for your mailing list. Again,more details will follow. Finally, the third tool you’ll need, is a product orservice to promote.

  1. PRODUCT – The first thing you need to do is to choose the product(s) or service(s) you want to promote. Many will tell you to build the website first, but you want to choose the product or service first and then build your website around it. While we are discussing this, many will also tell you to write your content about what you know, but this is not always a profitable wat to go. There is enough information on the internet to do your required research however, so if you want to be profitable, choose what people are looking for and then research the content for your website based on that.
  2. WEBSITE/WEBHOSTING – You’re going to need a website for several reasons, but most importantly it’s for branding. You have to brand yourself on the internet, and while it’s beyond the scope of this article, just know that it’s for building online trust for your business as you go along. When you build a website, the content you provide to people who are doing their own research on the product or service that you are promoting, they will begin to trust you as an authority when you prove to them that you know what you are talking about. Along with this website, you’re going to need webhosting. There are hosts out there that will give you webspace free, but there are many problems associated with free hosting accounts. Additionally, there are many problems associated with those that offer to host your website for prices like $12.00 per year. To be blunt, those hosting services like that oversell their services, and they will also nickel and dime you to death for certain things you are going to need like database access and all that. I recommend that you use the hosting that we promote – AllStar Webhosting. You’ll get everything you need in one package, it’s relatively cheap, and they are one of the few where they will tell you uptime is 99.5% and actually mean it. Click on the AllStar Webhosting name and you will be taken right there. For six bucks a month, you can have your website hosted and know that it will be there. You can also buy a domain there as well, or you can buy a domain name somewhere else and still host it with AllStar Webhosting . When it comes to building a website, by far and large, the easiest thing to do is to use WordPress. As it happens, AllStar Webhosting has a tool in place where you can install WordPress, as well as hundreds of other software titles at no additional charge. We use wordpress for all of our websites because it’s easy to use, and when you write new content, all you have to do is hit the publish button and you’re done. Plus, with all the tools and templates available, it’s just so easy to use and changed the look of your website with just the click of the button.
  3. AUTORESPONDERS – These come in handy when you are building an email list, which you will ultimately use to market to your customers. You can use one of the many WordPress plugins for this, or you can use the autoresponders built into the control panel at AllStar Webhosting.

The choice is all yours. As we populate the website with

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John Derossett

John Derossett

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